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Maggot Sliders!

Oh my gosh, who left the sliders out??  Look, they’re covered in maggots!


Ok, pick yourself up off the floor.  Throw water on your face.  Relax!  They’re not real maggots.  Just innocent little rice.  See?  Yeah, now you see it.

It’s Day 4 of the #GreatHallowTweet started by Renee at Flamingo Musings.  Please also check out my ghoulish cohorts in the pumpkin widget in the sidebar!


I can’t take credit for this ghoulishly gross idea, I found them here at Daily Munch.  That’s a great blog, by the way--lots of great food, so you should check it out!  I didn’t make mine exactly the same way, but you can see that there, Jake served them as an appetizer.  We served ours as a stuff your face with ghoulishly gross sliders dinner.  YES.  We ate ground turkey.  And we enjoyed it.  And now we’re back to being mostly vegan.   Mostly, meaning we can’t give up sushi.  And I’ve found I can’t bake right without eggs.  Which is another post altogether.  For later.

One easy recipe, coming up!


Maggot Sliders

ground turkey or beef
Weber Burger Seasoning (or use your fave!)
cooked white rice
small, slider sized buns

Mix the ground meat and seasonings, and form into small patties.
Roll the edges of the patties in a plate full of the rice.
Carefully cook so all of the rice doesn't fall off.  (Some of it will, but don’t worry too much.)
Cook to your liking--medium, medium well, etc.
Though for turkey, cook to 165 degrees.
Serve on buns with ketchup for that bloody look!



See?  SO easy!  And you can totally gross out your friends.  But these taste so good!  And if you place the ketchup right, you can also make them look bloody!  Bonus!