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Top 11 for 2011

I won’t get too wordy here, the title is self explanatory. These are the top eleven posts from my blog for the past year, according to Google. Don’t be alarmed if some photos are marked earlier than 2011, it’s just that you guys still really like some of the older posts. That makes me happy!

Thanks for reading along! I’m looking forward to more fun and good food in 2012!

Counting down from 11 to #1…


11. Loaded Fries - Think Super Bowl food! These have grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, horseradish cheddar and other good things. 

Loaded Fries

10. It’s not a P-I-T-A to make Pita Bread - Easy, I’m serious. Pig out!

Homemade Pita Bread

9. S’mores Rice Krispies Treats - Makes both little and big kids seriously happy! Is it a Rice Krispie Treat? A S’more? It’s both, sandwiched together.


8. Pistachio Praline Cherry Ice Cream - I could eat this every single day.

Pistachio Praline Cherry Ice Cream

7. Bananas Foster Cupcakes - I even flambéed bananas for these!

Bananas Foster Cupcakes

6. Make Your Own Christmas Ornament Wreath - It blew me away how popular this one was!

Make Your Own Christmas Ornament Wreath

5. Fresh Blueberry Pie - Bursting with fresh blueberry goodness. Most of the berries don’t get cooked, so it’s super fresh.

Fresh Blueberry Pie

4. Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Cookies - I cracked the code!

Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Cookies

3. Holiday Elfin Shortbread Cookies - Customizable for any holiday.

Holiday Elfin Shortbread Cookies

2. Cosmic Brownies - Who loves Cosmic Brownies? Everyone, it seems!

Cosmic Brownies

1. Woodchuck Draft Cider Sorbet - The most popular post ever in the the history of this blog. Super simple and so refreshing!

Woodchuck Draft Cider Sorbet


Meatless Monday: Raw Zucchini Pesto Pasta

Welcome to my first edition of #meatlessmonday! I saw this Tweet this morning, from Chris at Blog Well Done. He was looking for people to join in, so I figured, why not?

My first entry in Meatless Monday is Raw Zucchini Pesto Pasta. Yes, it's raw, and the pasta is julienned zucchini. We use one of these, from Zyliss, to make easy julienne strips. It works great, it's quick to use, and you don't have to drag out some contraption, then clean it. We also have one of these, from Joyce Chen. It works alright for soft veggies, but not for anything like butternut squash or beets. It just mangles them. So...that was $30 down the drain.

Anyway, this was a quick dinner to get on the table. Some zucchini, tomatoes, basil, get the idea. And it's versatile--you can add whatever you like, you don't necessarily need to use what I used here. Also, with summer in full swing, and gardens bursting with zucchini, this is a great way to use some of that up! And if you can't wrap your head around zucchini being pasta, you have two options. You can think of it as a cold salad, or you can lightly sauté the zucchini, then toss with the rest of the ingredients.

And remember, organic is best when enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables, if you can swing it.  You don't really want to be putting all of those chemicals in your body, do you?  And damn, they're hard to wash off.  Getting organic foods is easier than ever in the summer time, because farmer's markets are also in full swing.


Basic recipe:

Raw Zucchini Pesto Pasta

This one has parmesan, it was made before we decided to eat vegan. But feel free to use it on yours!  You can also find raw milk parm, if that's something you want.

3-4 zucchini, washed and julienned
2-3 tomatoes
a handful of basil, sliced thinly (stack leaves, roll them up, and slice thinly across for ribbons)
pesto, to taste
salt and fresh cracked black pepper
olive oil, for drizzling over

Toss all ingredients in a bowl.  Serve with a drizzle of olive oil.  Eat right away.


And here's a quickie--a bonus recipe.  Well, it's not even a recipe, really.  But it's one of my favorite lunches.

A whole wheat pita, toasted in the oven.  Slather on your favorite hummus, then your favorite veggies.  Here, I've used tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell pepper, and avocado.  Lots of fresh cracked pepper over the top, and you're done.  So good!


Last order of business.  Some of you may be wondering how my husband and I are doing with our new way of eating.  Some of may not be, so you can skip to the end now, hehe.

We're doing great!  We have more energy, have lost a few pounds, and just look and feel better, in general.  My husband's blood sugar: he's been testing, and at first, without his meds, his levels were anywhere from 140 to 220.  With his meds, they were still  up and down like that.

Last week, he took a reading and was at 88.  And he hasn't taken his meds since we started eating 100% raw and vegetarian, then eventually raw and vegan.  Do I recommend that everyone try this?  Hell, no, I'm no doctor.  But this is what's worked for him. 

So when people ask me if I miss meats and dairy, my answer is no.  First, because I really don't!  And second, because I can see how healthy and happy it's made my husband.  And to make him go it alone in this journey would be selfish.  For me, anyway.  

I'm not going to get all preachy on you, but I do want to let you all know the changes we've seen.  Also, I'm amazed how satisfied I feel eating raw and vegan foods!  I never in a million years would have thought that eating this way would leave me feeling full and happy, but it does!  And everything tastes so good and clean.  It's almost like meat and dairy were clouding everything else over.  I know this isn't for everyone, and yeah, meat still looks good.  Damn good!  The smell of meat on a grill still gives me a little jolt of "aaaaahhhh."  But I know I feel better without it.  So for me, it makes sense to skip it.

Again, thanks for coming along on this journey with me!  

And don't forget to enter my giveaway!


It's not a P.I.T.A. to make pita bread!

A few weeks ago, Sarah at Homemade asked me if I'd like to start making some recipes together, and we would blog about our experiences. So of course I said yes! Sarah's a sweetheart and It's like baking in your friend's kitchen, except that she's on the west coast, while I'm on east coast. We'll be doing one or two a month, so stay tuned.

The first one we decided to try was pita bread. And what a great recipe! The dough was a dream to work with. I needed to add more flour during kneading because it was quite sticky, but once you get the texture right, it's all good.

The most time consuming part of these is when you set the dough aside to rise. They've got a 90 minute rise, a 20 minute rest, and another 30 minute rest before baking. But they only take 3 minutes to bake, so that makes up for it right? And even better--when you rip one open--because that's a law, isn't it? You are legally required to rip open a piece of bread when it's hot out of the oven, even if it causes acute pain to your digits. So when you rip one open, you get the aroma of yeasty heavenly steamy bread. You don't even need butter to enjoy these, although, I'm pretty sure there's a law somewhere about hot bread and butter going together.

Come to think of it, there should also be a law about not making blog posts at 12:45 am, too. Can I ramble, or what?

The recipe can be found here at Brown Eyed Baker. I used my KitchenAid stand mixer and let that do the kneading. Ten minutes, and the addition of about 3/4-1 cup more flour and the dough was perfect. I doubled the recipe to get 16 pita breads, because we're a family of 6, and every one of my kids had pita bread (and butter) (wait--my two sons didn't have butter on theirs. The little hoodlums--breaking the warm bread/butter law at such an early age...) for dinner. See? Eight wouldn't have been enough. And my husband and I had them for dinner--in a burger recipe which will be an upcoming post. And if any of you try one recipe from this blog, these burgers would be in my top 5 favorites. mmmmm!

SO! I'm coming to the end of my ramblings. These pita breads are easy to make, and would be really fun to do with the kids. And it's kinda fun to watch them puff up in the oven, too.

Right after kneading, and ready to rise for 90 minutes.


After 90 minute rise, we have the dough that almost took over the world. Or at least my stove top.



Required low-angle shot of doughy balls.



"Almost pita breads! We've got to sit for 30 more minutes! And what happened to our balls?"



Puffy pillows of warm, yeasty, bready goodness.


Thanks Sarah--this was a lot of fun! And the whole family enjoyed the bread. Even the picky ones! (Kids, that is. We didn't have picky bread.) (But I'll bet picky bread doesn't like butter, either.)