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Kick off Summer Grilling with Kayem Foods!


Some of you may remember my post from last summer about Kayem Foods. If not, we grilled Kayem Italian Sausage and put a little twist on the classic “sausage and peppers.” I was lucky enough to be sent another Box O’ Meat from them a couple of weeks ago. This time we grilled the delicious Italian Sausage along with veggie kabobs. It’s a simple and satisfying meal to prepare, and it’s great for a few people as well as a crowd.

I grew up enjoying Kayem foods, and now my kids enjoy them, too. Especially their hot dogs. We all love them! They’re super “snappy” with the natural casings. And they taste great! My husband is picky about hot dogs but he loves these.


I also have another Box O’ Meat to give away to one lucky reader, so read through to find out how you can win and kick off your summer grilling season!

Some fun Kayem facts:

Kayem is the official hot dog and sausage of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park and makes the famous Fenway Franks served at the ballpark.

Kayem is also the official hot dog of the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida State Seminoles, and Boston College Eagles.

Kayem has been in business for more than 103 years, and began by delivering products to neighboring communities via horse-drawn wagon.

The name Kayem is derived from the initials of its founder, Kazimierz Monkiewicz and is the largest hot dog manufacturer in New England. 

Kayem franks are made with only the finest cuts of meat and contain no by-products, fillers or artificial flavors.

Kayem produces over 100 varieties of hot dogs and 300 varieties of deli meats, sausage and dinner hams.

The difference between the Old Tyme Frank and the Regular Hot Dog is that the Old Tyme Franks have natural casings, which give them a “snap” when you take a bite, while the Regular Hot Dogs do not have a casing.

Helpful tip! Use tongs when grilling Kayem Franks so as not to pierce the casing. Tearing the casing will result in losing the flavor and the juice.

Kayem is the #1 brand of franks in New England!

Kazimierz Monkiewicz started his handmade sausage business in 1909, in Chelsea MA. He would deliver them using a horse drawn wagon. One hundred and four years later, their product line includes hot dogs, Italian sausages, deli meats and all natural chicken sausage marketed under the Kayem, al fresco, Triple M, Genoa Sausage, Schonland's and Meisterchef brands. Kayem is the #1 brand of franks in New England, and al fresco is the #1 brand of chicken sausage in the total U.S. To this day, Kayem is a local company owned by the same family, employing almost six hundred people.

We’ve been grilling up a storm the past couple of weeks, including the Kayem Italian Sausage, Kayem Brats and Kielbasa, and of course, hot dogs. The veggie kabobs we had on the side are simple onions, red bell peppers and small potatoes, grilled and drizzled with lemon olive oil, fresh chopped rosemary and salt and pepper. We boiled the brats and kielbasa in beer for about 15 minutes before grilling. Pierce the brats and kielbasa lightly, bring them to a boil in your favorite beer, then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. Grill to your liking. Serve them any way you like. We’re partial to grilled veggies on the side, but any one of these in a bun with the grilled veggies and a few squirts of mustard is heavenly!

Would you like to win your own Box O’ Meat? Here’s your chance!

What you’ll receive in the box:

  • 12 oz package Kayem Old Tyme Franks
  • 1 lb. ring of Kayem Polska Kielbasa
  • 2 lb. box Kayem Old Tyme Beef Franks
  • 20 oz package Kayem Original Bratwurst
  • 20 oz package Kayem Sweet Italian Sausage
  • I lb. package Kayem Lean Franks

(Products subject to change based on availability.)

A random winner (US shipping only) will be chosen on May 13, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I was sent the Kayem products at no charge, but the opinions expressed in this post are my own and not paid for.

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